Freeform Wire Art Jewelry


Freeform Wire Art Jewelry: Techniques for Designing with Wire, Beads, and Gems.
Twist, curl, and wrap wire into one-of-a-kind jewelry!

Follow along with author Gayle Bird as she teaches you everything you need to know to create her signature jewelry designs. First learn the basics of color and design, then move into essential wire tutorials. From there, you'll work your way through 20 step-by-step jewelry projects, including earrings, rings and necklaces. By the time you finish the book, you'll be ready to design your own statement jewelry, complete with swirling wire and dazzling gems.

  • Techniques

    Learn the essential wire techniques, including Gayle's signature loops, spirals, curls and more.

  • design

    Chapter on design gives the foundation for creating unique pieces.

  • Projects

    Step-by-step directions for 20 projects.


Why Freeform?

Using little more than wire, beads, and your own two hands, learn the secrets behind Gayle Bird's signature swirls and color combinations with Freeform Wire Art Jewelry: Techniques for Designing with Wire, Beads and Gems. Learn the fundamentals of color and design, and work your way, step by step, through increasingly complex projects; from simple rings to decorative necklaces.

You'll love this book if:

  • You want to improve your wire, bead, and gem techniques.
  • You want to move beyond the means of the project and improvise to create your own one-of-a-kind piece.
  • You're looking to make a showcase-worthy, complete jewelry wardrobe of pendants, neckwires, earrings and rings.


Order Freeform Wire Art Jewelry today to take your technique to the next level and learn the "secrets" behind Gayle Bird's signature jewelry designs, put your skills to the test with 20 stunning projects, beginning with a simple necklace and culminating into a captivating jewelry collection of a variety of pieces, plus so much more!

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