Breaking 10,000!

It’s the end of the fiscal year and I just got a royalty report – and discovered that between publishing in March 2015 and the end of December 2015, Freeform Wire Art Jewelry has sold over 10,000 copies! This is utterly astounding to me because it means this is officially a bestseller.


This is blowing me away. My dad is especially smug because his brother, who has a PhD and has published over 50 books, hasn’t sold that many total, teehee 😉

It’s in the top 100 Jewelry books on Amazon (at one point it was up to #18), and sales are still going well. I just looked at it on my Kindle for the first time too, and was super happy at how great it looked! I mean, I have the paperwhite so the color section was sort of useless but even in black and white it was easy to read and follow.

I’m just so humbled by this whole experience. Let’s hope the next one (wink wink) does as well!


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