Review for Polymer Clay Artists: The Blue Bottle Tree


Ginger Davis Allman at the Blue Bottle Tree wrote a very thorough review of the book, having first gone through and actually completed some of the projects. Here’s some of what she had to say:

This book is certainly suitable for absolute beginners. The projects begin with a very simple pair of looped earrings (Easy Teardrop Earrings) and get harder and more complex. Gayle urges you to work through the projects from beginning to end because the skills build as you go. However, even the most complex project really isn’t very difficult and I have complete confidence that you will be able to easily complete each project.

Freeform Wire Art Jewelry contains a variety of very wearable jewelry that has an open, airy feel that’s perfect for showing off one of a kind gems, beads, and cabochons. Several of the designs work well for showing off sea glass and I was immediately captivated by this Tumbling Twists Bib Necklace. I used my faux sea glass (from my Faux Glass Effects Tutorial) in this necklace. You can see how it shows off the faux glass and lets the light shine through.


I made this necklace in about 30 minutes. It was quite easy, and it was very easy to make my blue and purple necklace look very much like the green one in the book. Not bad for my first try! And I know that I’ll just get better with practice.

Ginger did an amazing job with her wire pieces. I’m so proud! Plus, she’s got this amazing Faux Glass Tutorial for making the pieces in the first place – just look at that purple and those blues! – that I have and can’t WAIT to work with.

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