March 31, 2015


Accolades, reviews, and testimonials about Freeform Wire Art Jewelry

Lovely, to-the-point review at Beading Arts:

The book starts out with a discussion of the basic tools, design techniques, color theory (unusual for a wire book), and working techniques that will be used throughout all the projects.

I really like the emphasis on color and the simple, organic style that Gayle teaches.  Loops are layered and arranged into seemingly complex designs, but as you follow through the excellent photos and instructions, it all becomes demystified.

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Freeform Wire Art Jewelry is Elegant Yet Earthy:

Freeform Wire Art Jewelry is a treasure of a jewelry design book!
Authored by the wonderful Gayle Bird, the reader will discover new inspiration on every page. With earrings,rings,pendants, and necklaces your heart will jump for joy at every page!
Ms. Bird is extremely accomplished. Her enthusiasm is evident as the reader studies the wonderfully designed wire pieces, frequently adorned with the most gorgeous beads!
I cannot wait to try some of her tutorials. I plan to start with a ring. The author is truly a stand out!

Color is her “middle name” (wait until you see!). As well, she is an excellent teacher. Check out the cover of Freeform Wire Art Jewelry! It is so pretty! As well, it is not in the least bit confused. You will note this ease of design as you progress through the book. It is really cool!
I enjoyed the section in the beginning under “Design Principles”. It was very well done.
“Basic Wire Techniques” was great too!
The projects were enchanting.
You will quickly find a pair of earrings (“Window Frame Earrings”, for example) and make them. Off you’ll go to the best coffee house and stun your pals.
Or perhaps you will try a pendant…one the author explains why she designed it the way she did. This beauty is called the “Steps of Light Pendant”.
It is a lovely combination of orange-brown, teal-green, and blue. There is something really special about this, as there is about all of her work.
I love to wrap wire. Freeform Wire Art Jewelry is one of my new favorite design books. Gayle Bird is one of my new favorite teachers. She is wonderful!

– Jean Baldridge Yates

Budding artist feeling confident now!:

I am a brand new jewellery artisan looking for guidance. After reading this book by Gayle Bird I am moving forward with confidence. Gayle has taken the time to teach all aspects of creating and designing gorgeous works of art. I know that I will use her book as a reference for years to come!

– Kim Boudreau

A truly honest review by Beading Gem:

2014 BG banner - v3

The essence of this designer’s approach are the curls and double curls in the pieces. These form the basis of her free form work. She includes the directions of how to use just fingers to create these curls. This will take practice to accomplish but once mastered can be used for unique organic designs of your own and not copies of what Gayle does.

This instructor really made an effort to help more hesitant jewelry makers by sharing tips on the design process.

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A really personal review from a fellow artist:

rikkiAndrewsGayle, I’m not trying to puff you up, but this is the best technique book ever! I’m so happy with it. I absolutely love every page, how you have everything laid out, and wait for it… everything in it is doable for an novice such as myself, it has a quality of excellence which those looking to hone their craft would expect. Each and every project is detailed with information that allows me to see how to accomplish it all by myself. You are awesome!!! Thank you. Well worth the price.

I LOVE IT !!! The best book I have purchased in a long time. Shed them HAPPY tears of Joy my friend. You did an excellent job putting this book together. The images are so crisp and clear; with great instructions. I’m always a little gun shy when purchasing books and materials online, I was pleasantly surprise at the level of quality put into this book. I applaud you!

– Rikki Andrews

A vibrant review from Handmade Jewelry Club:


So, while going about my daily sources of inspiration kick starters, I came across this one book which I find is very useful for creating Wire Art Jewelry.

The book review is on the book, Freeform Wire Art Jewelry: Techniques for Designing With Wire, Beads and Gems! The author is Gayle Bird whom I would say has done a very good job in guiding you step by step not only through her designs and tutorials, but also in everything you need to know about wire jewelry making, like choosing the right wires and what tools you need before you even start making wire jewelry!

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