Official Book Launch (Cape Breton, Nova Scotia)



Do you live in or near Cape Breton Island? Tomorrow is the official release date for my book, so it seems like a good time to invite you to the official book launch for Freeform Wire Art Jewelry on May 7, 2015. Here’s the Facebook Event page. You should come down and get your copy signed!

In addition to the book exhibit, I’m going to have the gallery space for most of May for sale of the book and my work. Including not only all of the jewelry FROM the book (well, except the cover – that’s miiiiine) but lots more made using the techniques, including this snazzy little piece!


So there are three reasons you might want to come to this book launch thing:

  1. To buy the book because you want to learn to make this kind of jewelry, and get it signed by yours truly;
  2. To buy the jewelry itself because you’re not into making your own stuff; and
  3. To come look at pretty things and maybe have a glass of punch and put a smile on my face just by being there!

Hope you can make it!

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