Book (Launch) Report

It’s been over a week since I hosted an official launch event for my book, Freeform Wire Art Jewelry. I had a lot going on working up to it, and the physical & emotional crash has left me recovering for a little while, but now it’s way past time I gave you an update!


The Captured Strand Necklace shown next to its book project page.

The evening was artistically, emotionally, professionally and personally a huge success and I can’t think of any way it could have been better. The few dozen books I had with me were sold and signed (only a couple left by the end of the evening!). Signing my book was a trip, I sure can tell you that.


Signing my book for a customer!

And a few pieces of jewellery were sold, as well. The gallery is actually exhibiting my pieces for the rest of the month so hopefully, if you’re local, you get a chance to run down and see the display. It’s quite beautiful.


The atmosphere in the gallery was truly lovely.


Part of the Beach Glass jewellery display

The  Chair of the Board at the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design stood up to say a few words. I think I nearly exploded with pride. I was having trouble not bursting that’s for sure!


Chair of the Board at the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design saying a few words.

Here’s the bulk of what he said:

Gayle has been a juried member of the Centre for 9 years and we are delighted that she has chosen the Centre as the venue for the launching of this important book. Gayle is self-taught and has developed a wonderful reputation for innovative, distinctive design, which features colourful, often local materials which are eye-catching, fanciful, even whimsical and always entirely delightful.

Today is marks an important point in Gayle`s artistic career. I think it is fair to say, that having talent and developing it to such a high level is clearly a challenge. Evidently, Gayle has surmounted that creative challenge, but she has taken her abilities that all important step further. By being willing to open up her creative skills and to offer those skills to aspiring jewelry crafters, she has demonstrated her commitment to sharing, teaching and promoting her craft.

Thank you Gayle for your generosity of spirit in sharing these wonderful techniques with those whom your work has inspired, and we wish you continued success as you embark upon this new creative stage.

I can’t really explain how it felt to hear that said about me in front of not just friends and family, but professionals in the community as well. I got up and stuttered some sort of thank-you and got out of the spotlight!


My (extremely) short thank-you speech

A lot of people came in and stayed for cookies or to just say hello; and it seemed like every time I turned around, I was signing another book.


The guestbook being signed

Oh hey did I mention I felt like a rockstar all evening? My amazing hairdresser Katelan Lahey came through once again; my brother’s girlfriend Chelsea Jones at Social Salon & Spa did a truly astounding job on my makeup; and Kim Boudreau from Kreative Design knocked my outfit right out of the park. The necklace you may recognize from the cover of the book 😉


Gayle Bird, author of Freeform Wire Art Jewelry

Absolutely amazing evening. I hope those of you who bought the book from me are pleased with it – I hope you’re making jewelry, and I hope you’ll be in touch if you have questions! (Oh and I hope my signature wasn’t total hen scratch).

Thank you to everyone who supported me locally. Next up: conquer the world!


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